dodged the bad news bullet today

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Had a bad day today...disagreement with my partner, F., got crappy news at work, etc, and raging pms on top of it all, but we did get good news at his oncologist appt to get scan results. The second two rounds of carbo/etoposide seem to have shrunk the tumors in his lung and adrenal glands (the first two rounds didn't show results. Aside from a miracle cure, this was the best news we could get. So the oncologist wants to continue with two more rounds (6 in all) to see if the tumors will keep shrinking.

I should feel great, but instead I feel down...I guess it's because F. was having a bad day today and is just discouraged and frustrated with it all. They want him to start chemo tomorrow but he is stalling, annoyed that it is last minute, and probably won't go until next week. I won't fight him on it. I'm just relieved to have dodged the bad news bullet and have bought more time. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling as happy as I should be. Maybe I should take April's lead and go get a mani/pedi.



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    I think we all need a mani
    I think we all need a mani pedi at the spa with lots of chocolates an champagne or other liquor.
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    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am very happy
    for the great news, I love to see, and hear SHRINK :)I am hoping my dads results are the same, but we are not there quite yet. You sue you don't wanna dance *lol*

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    Congratulations on the good news; I understand the let down
    My husband had similar good news today: biopsies were clean but the ENT would not commit to the entired radiated area being cancer-free.

    I can understand that but was hoping for the all-clear, also, Karen.

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    Great News!
    This is great news. I know your partner isn't looking forward to more chemo. Give him the week he needs to get himself ready for the next round. Wishing you all the best.

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    good stuff w the bad
    yes it is good news and that should be at least smiled about. But all of the ups and downs takes its toll. So my prescription is a spa half day pronto!
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    I have to agree with April on her suggestion. Go for it!
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    neverquit said:

    I have to agree with April on her suggestion. Go for it!

    I could really use a massage, it's true. During chemo they come around and offer F. massages, and he always turns them down. Unfortunately they won't substitute a caregiver for the patient :)