Keith's first day at school and folfox 7# today

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Feeling happy and sad about my Son Keiths first day at school.

My daughter went back yesterday, and we played a little trick on Keith.

He was all dressed up yesterday and he looked so grown up in his uniform.

We all went to school, all the kids were happy to be back. all the parents are super friendly and caring and say gee you look good. I say I feel good as well but I still have 3 months of chemo.

Its so ironic that I look good and feel well while having this crazy battle going on inside me. But I would rather have all the kind wishes and positive supports.

I feel like life is rushing past just a little to fast.

But I will get some nice morning tea at school with all the mums and dads after the kids go in.

Then I go off to chemo for folfox number 7. Hope it goes well.

I should also get my vitamin D3 results today as well.

I hope everyone has a great day.



  • AnneCan
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    These times in life are bittersweet; it is exciting for Keith to start school + yet it tugs at our heart when they "grow up". I hope he loves school. My youngest will head off to university in September, + I am so proud + excited for her; yet there is a twinge of sadness...
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    First day of school!
    Hehe Pete... for a minute there I thought I was in a time warp and couldn't understand kids starting school Feb 1st... then it hit me, duh! You are down under , so of course it's time for school to begin, summer is over? Well, depending on where you are, I have a funny feeling there are still some warm weeks left ;) I always laugh at my Aussie friends when they say that Fall is starting and it's getting a little chilly. Their idea of "chilly" and mine are two different temps ;)

    But that is soooo sweet that your young one is about to start school. That is such a milestone... from babydom to toddler to all of a sudden they are going to school? Yikes!! And I love that the kids in Australia/New Zealand all where uniforms. I know some people have opinions about it, but I love it. I think they all look adorable!

    Soooo... do we get to see pictures of Keith in his uniform ready and raring for the first day of school?

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    I hope all went well today for both you and Keith. :)

  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    excellent blood tests , keith loved his first day of school.
    It was hard getting my morniong routine of juicing, flakseed compost and vitamins done with kids lunchs and uniforms and transport on my own. But somehow the I dropped the kids off to school just on time. My daughter Melanie cried while brushing her teeth as Keith put soap on her toothbrush. Great time for a tantrum and disciplines issues on the first morning. The challenges of parenting. all the little kids starting school looked great, so did keith. It was a really milestone in his life and our families.

    I am so very very very relieved.

    All my bloods are back to normal from being low and my vitamin D was 99nmol, which I think is great.
    Some how my juicing and supplements and more flexible diet have helped my stop the constant
    decline in my bloods. Maybe its the increased exercise of swimming 12 x 50 meter laps a day every second day.
    I suspected the improvement would be the case as I am feeling really well in myself.

    I am also very happy my D3 is high, I think I am in the safe range to get the 75% reduction of recurrence. Its good to wear shorts and tshirts in summer here, maybe it the juices, the oily fish and certainly the supplements although I only start 4000ui daily 3 days before yesterdays blood test.

    got my folxfox 7 cycle today, it all went well.
    I had my emend tablet.
    Sat in a very comfortable chair.
    Read my book by bernie segal and love and cancer.
    Popped an ativan

    Does anyone else just go to sleep about half way through chemo the nurse said its the ativan ?

    I wakeup just at the end of chemo after the soundest sleep, must have been 2 hours at least.

    Got a few minor tingles during infusion which is new. but feel nothing now, except the cold thing in the mouth. still walked 40 minutes to the movies tonight and walked back home. And am feeling a little tired now.

    I hope everyones folfox also goes as well as possible.

    pete ( on dex for the few days sorry in advance, even my neighbour said I look a little high )