For colostomates, issues about food, what to eat!

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Hello, I'm just curious if you had issues with food after having a colostomy. I was dx with rectal cancer last aug 2010 and had an APR last nov 11. I'm wondering if you had the same experiences with re food. I found out that I could not tolerate fatty foods and have a hard time digesting them and had bloating after intake. This has been going on since after my surgery. I feel so lonely sometime because I'm a meat lover and have to watch my food intake because I don't want to have trouble with blockage and I hate the NGT tube. I only eat fish and soup and honestly last Christmas and new year I feel so depressed because I wasn't able to eat my favorite foods. Will this go on forever, do we have to watch and be vigilant with our intake. My gastroenterologist also has cautioned me about eating red meat since this may cause or aggravate my cancer. Is it the same for you. I don't drink sodas now and juices since I'm afraid of getting gastritis and they said this could produce much air. Honetly, the food restrictions are the ones making me lose weight and not the chemo. I've lost around 25 lbs since my OR and just weight 120 lbs now. I'm depressed and lonely about the food. Please give me advice. Also if I eat lots of fruit and green leafy veggies, I have diarrhea. Help, help please, and advices please. Tahnks and Godbless you. From Dina