My sister has been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma

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My sister is getting her first dose of chemo on Monday and I am a nervous wreck. I am sooo worried. Any advice?


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    This is a scary deal and the first treatment is the scariest, for the patient and caregivers/family. It's easy to tell you to relax or breathe, or calm down, but we both know thats easier said than done. What I will say as a cancer patient having been there, done that, it WILL get better. Chemo is hard, but it's definetely do-able. Once your sister gets this first treatment done, you will start to calm down. Try to stay as up-beat as possible and just remember to listen to her as she voices her concerns and fears. I have 7 sisters,so I know how scared you are. Keep coming here for support, and when you feel up to it maybe you can share a little more information about the type/stage/grade of cancer your sister is dealing with. I'll keep you and your sister in my prayers.
    Best wishes...Sue (Follicular NHL-Gr2-stg3-typeA-dx6/10)..age 60
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    first chemo
    The first chemo will probably be the hardest not knowing what to expect. I am assuming but not sure of the type she is getting. Please let us know what type she will be getting. It will be easier to help you thru it all. If it is r-chop or r-cvp then you can expect a lot of tiredness within a few days after the infusion. Thats why it would help to know what type. When you get a chance try to fill us in and we will be here for support for you and your sister and your entire family. It will be fine so ty not to fret too much. So easy to say I know. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)
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    Not to worry
    I had a full blast of R CHOP for NHL at the age of 81 and got through it with only 6-10 bad days out of 120. She should have someone drive her to and from the chemo sessions and the follow-up shots until she feels she can drive herself. Follow the advice of the nurses and oncologists.
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    I agree with an earlier
    I agree with an earlier reply, the first round of chemo is probably the hardest. In my case, they tried a combination of drugs called VP-16. Soon after running it in my through my IV, I went into anaphylaxic shock. Your body takes it different ways and days can be different(good/bad), but you CAN make it through it.
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    Nothing to be worried about.
    I just recently, a few weeks ago entered remission for hodgkin's lymphoma Stage 2B, after a full course of CHOP chemotherapy. I was only diagnosed in late December 2010 and started treatment in January 2011 and ended treatment in early March. I was extremely nervous, and un-sure of what I was going to go through, but with the help of my family I made it through this in an extremely fast 3 months, which have still not fully caught up to me. With the help and support of others you have nothing to worry about, good people will take care of your sister and she needs your's and the rest of her family/friend's support.