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Just a quick question. My brother just started Chemo and I heard that he is losing his hair. ( His ex-wife says he is shedding like the dog )

Is a regular baseball style cap comfortable after the hair loss? I want to try to order some hats for him to wear, but want to know if there are any tips that anyone can share.

He will be doing Chemo and radiation and will be staying in a Veterans Hospital or nursing center for quite a while.

I know some people experience severe rashes, peeling on their heads, so I may need to look into something softer like a knit hat.

Any input would be great. ( my husband is naturally follically challenged so we have lots of baseball hats around here!! )


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    My Thoughts.......
    If he has hardly ever wore hats before he may be a little apprehensive to wear them now ...I would simply send him some of the ball caps your hubby has and maybe a couple of light sock caps (the type that younger kids where today) and just see if he tries any of them..He may decide that he likes a particular type or none at all and you will be out less if you wait on his response to them.......Love and health, Buzz