what to expect with radiation

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Anyone have radiation for two different sites at the same time? My mom has two grade IV GBM's not resected. the have shrunk considerably from their orgional size. she is finishing up her 4th cycle of chemo ( avastin, temador, and cpt-11) and will begin 42 treatments in about 5 weeks. We are visiting her radiation oncologist tomorrow here in DE. The recomendation from Duke ( where she participated in a clinical trial) was external beem.

What can we expect?


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    what to expect
    Expect some fatigue while undergoing radiotherapy to the brain, I had finished my 12 sessions of WBR 3 weeks ago and im still experiencing slight fatigue, and my mouth has been dry and I lost my taste buds (doctors say this is temporary). Some doctors say that there could be memory loss months after the radiotherapy has been finished, but people react differently to treatments and how much volume of the brain has been irradiated and how much dose is given at a daily fraction. My prayers go to your mom and her recovery.
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    Effects of Radio-Therapy
    The radiologist will tell you better details..
    - effect can vay from person to peron
    - vary with treatment modalities
    - where the tumor is,
    - etc

    - yes, the 'fatigue' is common to all...between Chemo & radio, there is reduced red blood cell count. The treatments injure the RBC, but the body replaces them . . the patient is monitor to the ensure the RBC depression it not severe. The white blood cell count is also reduced: again, the Chemo (and/or Radio) Dr will monitor this too.

    - hair loss: The chemo can (note "can") cause general hair loss. Radio (depending on modality) 'can' cause area specific hair loss. Chem & radio affect rapidly growing cells ( cancer is a very rapidly multiplying cell...so is the hair making cells...so they get 'poisoned' too) With radio, could get 'surfer hair cut' type stripes :-)

    - again, depending on where the toumor is / radio modality...can get 'temporary' ( minutes to hours) side effects . . .funny taste in mouth, flavor changes, ringing in ears, blurry vision.
    - - my radio is RapicArc . .a 'laser beam' x-ray . . .left side of head . . .temporal and behind ear (yes,2 locations) . . my 'blurry vision' is like "I have a finger smear on my glasses" .lasts about 15 minutes or so..

    It's all god : to me, the side effects are worth it
    . .Alice in Wonderland fought , and won, her Jabberwokkky .I shall do the same
    . . . .and in any fight, I expect to get a wound now & then . .

    I'm 62 yr old..I'm gonna be around for a while, a long while...cause I said so . .God , my angel he sent, my friends are on my side...what a team eh ?