My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with Grade III Oligodendrogiloma possibly Mixed Tumor

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From what I've researched, this type of tumor is very rare in children and also among females. The location of the tumor was in the spinal chord, she had 95% resection surgery back in March 2010. She is currently on the 11th cycle of oral Temozolomide. I would like to learn from others going through similar situations.


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    Hi there, I just read your post on CSN and I too have a child with an oligodendroglioma brain tumour. My son was 8yrs old when he was dx with a grade II pure Oligo. He had it operated on and is now 13yrs old. We go for his yearly MRI follow up in two weeks and I must admit it the most nervous I've ever been going to one of these. I just have a bad feeling that won't go away. I'm sure you know what I mean. How's your daughter doing? There aren't many oligo kids out there. I only know of one other as it's so rare. I hope all is well with your wee one. The one consolation with kids getting these kinds of things is that they are unaware of the severity of it all. The day my son went into surgery he was happy as Larry becuase of all of the presents and special attention he was getting, it never occured to him what was actually going to happen. Approx 3 uears after surgery we had cancer awareness week here in New Zealand and I said we should donate to it as he had had cancer and he was shocked..."no I haven't" he said....he hadn't realised that his brain tumour was cancer and in hindsight I think was a great thing in itself, it made him cope with everything far better for not knowing. Kids are so robust and a mine amaze me every day as I'm sure your'd do too.
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