broke my heart, met face to face with a real long term survivor

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I went to my cancer general cancer support group yesterday.

only about 12 turned up.

one other guy who happended to have colorectal sat next to me. small world.

we sit in a circle and share for about 2 hours, weekly.
but I can go only once a fortnight as it clashes with chemo day.
this is not related to the bowel cancer support group i am setting up.

well this lovelly lady who been battling cancer for 15 years who had it
in the bowel, liver, lungs, shoulder and now back.

she was crying....

I immediately thought of all my friends here who have been fighting for so long such a hard battle, especially since I have only been living with my little cancer for 8 months.

Seeing her in real life helped make the stories behind the people on this board
more real for me.

I have such respect and admiration for the long term survivors.

God bless you,


  • KathiM
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    I agree!
    My stories of cancer survivorship are both thankfully short and sweet. With both my rectal and my breast, they responded to the first treatment suggested and used, and I have not (as of yet, knock on wood) had a reoccurance on either. Even tho both were staged in the lymph system.

    But, I agree with you, my dear's the courage and the fight in those here who are still in the battle that takes my breath away!!!!!

    BIG dutch hugs, Kathi
  • hopeforcure49
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    I know what you mean
    I was diagnosed in DEC. 2009, and I can't compare my journey to be as bad as others around me. When I get down and feel like poop! I just say to my self "Lourdes your not that sick get up, suck it up, get moving today and tomorrow will be abetter day." I have great respect for those who fight hard and long. It takes a lot of courage. I hope God gives all of us the courage and fight to hold on to our families and lives. Blessings from Lourdes