Gluten and ovarian cancer

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I attended a presentation this evening on gluten. The long and the short of it was, don't eat gluten. It is the primary cause of many of our mondern diseases, and causes nearly all neurological diseases.

Most people have some form of gluten intolerance, whether they have Celiac disease or not. MD Anderson is now testing all of their cancer patients for Celiac, and has found a definite link between gluten and ovarian cancer.


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    I was tested for celiac early in my disease process BEFORE I was diagnosed. It was negative.
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    Thanks for posting info on
    Thanks for posting info on this. I found I had a wheat intolerance a number of years ago as did my daughter. She has found it also triggers her migraines that are hormone-sensitive. She had severe issues this past year when she became pregnant. Then she underwent an emergency c-section at just over 32 wks and her placenta was found to be in terrible shape and disintegrating. A friend of hers who is celiac had experienced the same issues. I have worried that it was also related to my breast ca and papillary serous ca -- keeps me away from wheat that's for sure.