IL-2 HD worked: Clear, in remission

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Now all I need is time. Finsihed IL 2 a while back, been scanning and nothing there, all clear. IF you have the right scenario for IL2, can physically endure it, have the facility for it, DO IT.

Be glad to share details.



  • crazyquilter
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    Husband doing IL-s right now
    My husband is taking IL-2 right now. A motified treatment - 3 days on 4 days off for 4 weeks. He will get 20 doses before they scan again. Treatments are rough but praying the outcome is worth it. Glad to hear you had success. So far he's survived 2 years and the first oncologist gave him 6 months or less. We are glad we went to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

    Best of luck to you and your future scans.