Fragmin blood thinner

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In Jan 2010, I had my 3rd surgery for ovarian cancer. I had developed a blood clot in my lung and I was put on Coumadin. When I started Gemzar my INR counts were constantly changing and the medication had to be adjusted. When I was put on Doxil, my INR was pretty stable. Now that I'm on Avastin, the dr. has put me on Fragmin injections, which I don't like, but he said that this was safer than Coumadin, while on Avastin. I am all black and blue in my stomach area where the injections need to be given. Has anyone else been on blood thinners while on Avastin? Any suggestions? I wish I could get off of the blood thinners completely as it's been a year on blood thinners.



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    I feel your pain....I was on Fragmin for 6 months. It does have some good points as you don't have to be careful as to what you eat and you can just stop taking the you don't have to gradually come off. The black and blue and yellow etc does go away and your tummy does look normal again. But I do feel your pain! I was not on Avastin but on carbo and gemzar and had blood clots(many) in both lungs. I always gave my self a treat after my shot even if it was just a Hershey's kiss. I hope it gets better for you and you can get off the blood thinners quickly.