Has anyone had successful Meagace/Megestrol treatment and gone on to conceive?

antigone_42 Member Posts: 8
My husband and I were married in April 2010, and at the end of the summer we started TTC. I had alot of heavy bleeding around Thanksgiving that wouldn't stop so my gynecologist performed a D&C. In the D&C they found a microscopic amount of what he beleived was cancer. I am seeing an gynecological oncologist at Rush Hospital in Chicago. The pathologist determined that the cells were precancerous, so I had the option to try the hormone therapy of Megestrol for 3 months and then undergo another D&C to determine if the therapy was successful. I knew at age 35 it might be more difficult to conceive and have a child, but never imagined anything like this.

Unfortunately I have done alot of internet research and have yet to find someone that has successfully completed this treatment and then conceived a healthy child. Has anyone out there successfully completed this treatment?