tongue and throat lit up on Petscan

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Last November I had ct/pet scan and my gyno/onc told me my tongue and throat lit up and she thought I might have oral cancer as well as finding 2 more spots in my abdomin. She sent me to an ENT and he found no evedience of ca..thank god. I have never heard of mouth liting up. My ear nose and throat md said it could be side effect from chemo and scans catch everthing even inflammation. I will probably have another scan when my tx are done in April. Have any of you have had strange things show up on your scans???....val


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    Last summer I had just taken
    Last summer I had just taken a very long road trip prior to a PET scan. An area on my chest lit up which corresponded to my port location which annoys me when I wear a seatbelt. Nothing on subsequent PET scan. Another time i had a increased uptake in a shoulder area thought to be minor arthritic issues. A couple years ago my orig gyn-onc sent me into a panic about recurrence only 6 months post chemo due to some lit up pelvic/groin nodes. I had just had a bladder infection. Nodes resolved with no treatment. So many things can show up on PET scans that have nothing to do with our cancer. We get so focused on it we think that it's ALL about our cancer, lol. It's not ;-) I'm sure this isn't either - except as relates to chemo treatment.