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Hi all :-)

I am new here, just joined today. It was encouraging to find this Long Term Survivors board!

My sister was diagnosed just before Christmas. I'm looking for a group of long term survivors with the same condition so that i will be able to provide her with a web link to others that will help lift her spirits.

Who is out there?

Thanks - and best to you and yours!


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    Hello Sister
    I don't recognize the type of cancer that you sister has but long term cancer survivors are definitely a great source of hope for newly diagnosed patients. Of course everyone is different and treatments are different but the bottomline is that today cancer can be cured and I am just one example of that.

    I was diagnosed first about 23 years ago, had one recurrance close to the first diagnosis and that was it. I have been considered cured by doctors long ago. Non hodgkins lymphoma was my type of cancer. I do have several long term effects from treatments but my treatments as I said were long ago. Everyone is different as to how they will respond to therapies and there are many new treatments out there now.

    I wish your sister all the very best. Let her know you and your family are there for her, cancer is fought in a stronger fashion when there is alot of support. When one person has the disease in the family it's like everyone has it, taking on new challenges and worries throughout the process with the cancer patient. Be there for her.

    You will find very caring and supportive people on this site and a great deal of validation for what your sister and your whole family might be going through as caregivers. There is a good caregivers group on this site as you will see from the discussion boards here.

    HOpe to hear from you soon on your sisters progress and if you have any questions about it all feel free to ask.


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    Small Cell Lung Cancer?
    Dutch hugs, Kathi