My sister may have ovca too!!

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My older sister is now in the hosptital and may also have ovca. My God I hpoe not. I do not want her to go through this too. She never married or had children and has cardiac issues and a pacemake. I fear she couldn't handle chemo. My younger sis had bladder ca and currently is urologisy q3months. My other sister died of colon ca 8yrs ago at 49. Is my family curesed or what. I am afraid for my daughter and her girls when they get older. My mom is 88 and has nver had ca thank God. Anyone have any advice on how my girls can protect themselves from this when they are older?? I'm scared....val


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    There is little in the way
    There is little in the way of true protection. The stats say that you are less likely to develop OC if you:
    Take BC pills for at least a year
    Have multiple pregnancies before age 38 or so
    Nurse your children for at least a year
    Maintain a healthy weight

    It's also good to be BRCA neg and have no family history of female cancer

    Unfortunately, many of us, myself included, did all those things and got OC just the same. In fact, I think that I might have been diagnosed earlier, had I not been given a false sense of security by all the info.

    There are vaccines being tested, even as we speak, that will someday (we hope) provide a type of immunization agains OC, or at least a recurrence. There have been no new treatments approved for OC since the combo of Carbo and Taxol. That was over 10 years ago. That is terrible, considering that it is the most deadly of all female cancers. The two most vital things for women's medicine, as far as I am concerned, are an early detection for OC and better treatment.