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I promised to let you all know about my friend that went to Canada for HIFU. I don't know a lot of details about his circumstances but I know he first had radiation treatments for PCa about 10 years ago. His PSA went up. Not sure what reading. At any rate, in November he went to Canada for the HIFU. He is having terrible side effects. He cannot urinate, cannot control it, his bowel has been affected. He is going tomorrow to have a "roto rooter" job. I am not really sure what that is unless it is to remove scar tissue/inflamed tissue from his urethra. Just wanted to let you know how it turned out for him. I was so hoping it would be a good result.

Also my husband just finished his 35th radiation treatment last Friday. He is experiencing bowel problems. He is literally chained to the toilet. He feels good except that he has cabin fever. The doctors assure him that this will heal and he will be ok in a few weeks. They told him 2 - 4 weeks.



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    the TURP works
    That is caused from the doctor hitting the spincter, shouldn't get hit, but sometimes it does, and the TURP works wonderfully, which is nicknamed "roto rooter", sure hope it works for him as well as it did on the one guy who posted at cancerforums.net that the same thing happened to and the roto rooter worked right away.

    Good luck to both of your guys. Let us know

    I wonder how much experience his doctor had, it is the most important thing when chosing a treatment, and HIFU is no different than any other treatment, it takes much experience. Also, which machine did he use? This happens quite a bit with the Ablatherm as the way they have to push against the gland to treat it because the focal length isn't long enough, it distorts the gland, and a machine is doing the treatment, not a human guiding the machine like the Sonablate, Canada uses the Ablatherm in most of it's facilities.