Has anyone used Calypso Medicals GPS for the Body Machine?

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I have looked at thread topics back about 2 years and have seen no mention of this machine.
I assume is it is similar to the Cyber Knife. Instead of the gold seeds, it uses what they claim are improved Beacon Transponders that are implanted in the prostate. They allow the machine to detect slight movement in the prostate from the bladder or bowel filling. I did notice the table I was on move a few times. They claim this allows for a more precise placement of the radiation and a higher dose. I had no problems with the treatment, only the Eligarg injections later. See calypsomedical.com.


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    Beacon Transponders
    Good evening!

    My husband had the Calypso Beacon Transponders implanted yesterday. The outpatient procedure when very smooth. He goes back next week for various measurements and scans that will be used when he starts radiation. He will have 35 sessions of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

    My husband had a radical prostatectomy in October 2001 and has been cancer free with a 0.0 PSA until November 2010 when his PSA registered at 0.56 The urologist was able to find a one centimeter mass which they could biopsy and prove cancerous.

    So we are using the Calypso™ 4D Localization System with IMRT Radiation for salvage prostate treatment after a radical prostatectomy.