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Happy Wednesday! I wanted to start by thanking everyone who responded with such positive things when I first posted about my mom being diagnosed. We have remained optimistic as she has started her chemo treatments. She will be on 12 rounds of 5FU, Oxi and something with an "L", which seems to be a standard regimen for her Stage IIIA cancer. She got her first infusion on Monday and then was sent home with a 48 hour infusion. She was disconnected today and is feeling the fatigue. She is also feeling the tingling in her fingers already from the Oxi but other than that, she seems to be well and her spirits are good. I think the best news is that she received her results to her PET scan today and they are totally negative for any cancer. It came back perfect!!! We were so happy to be sure that there was no more going on insider!! She will continue the chemo for the next 6 months with hopes that it will reduce her chances of any reoccurance!

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts! We both have been coming on and reading posts for inspiration and will continue to do so!



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    Jenn our thoughts will be always with your mom and you
    just keep posting and you will find lots of helpful people who will help you and suggest lots of things if your mom has to face to any unforeseen
    while on chemo!
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    Good News!
    Hey Jenn! That's excellent news about your mom!! Yes, the tingling from the oxi starts right away, usually on the first treatment. It may get to the point where she hates the oxi, but keep reminding her that that tingling and extreme sensitivity to cold is normal and to be expected. If she starts getting neuropathy in her legs or feet (feeling of numbness or burning), make sure she lets the oncologist know. They will want to keep tabs on the side affects and weigh the odds of taking her off the oxi early if it is becoming too much of a negative thing or keeping on it if she is handling it ok.

    But that is great that she is feeling so good! Yes, fatigue hit me too the day after the pump was removed. It was more a fatigue than just being tired... but it only lasted one day with me and the next day I was bright and chipper and ready to take on the world again. Everyone is different, so if she is tired for a couple of days... not to worry ... it's all part of this fun journey with the battle against the beast :)

    Don't be a stranger... keep coming back and chatting with us! :D

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    Thanks for the update. I am glad your Mom is doing so well.
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    AnneCan said:

    Thanks for the update. I am glad your Mom is doing so well.

    Jenn...I did the exact same treatment ......
    Tell her that anything she wants to know about just come in here and ask, I would be as everyone else more than happy to help her keep her spirits up and keep her informed of what to maybe expect with her treatment...5fu, Oxaliplatin, and Leucouvorin to enhance the Oxy and 5fu...hydration is the key to getting it flushed out of her system the fastest...Tell her she is on the downhill slide now and coming in for home base......Good for her...and you...Love to you both, Clift
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    That sounds really good! Thanks for letting us know. Come back again and let us know about the future.