I need someone to help me with advice,Ideas or stories. Should we do chemo for stage 1 wilm's tumor?

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I'm totally confused and sad. we don't wanna give our 3 year old baby girl chemo treatment. surgery was a success according to surgeons. no rupture of tumor that was contained only within left kidney. had not spread to lymphnodes when it was taken out(stage 1). We wanna know if anyone out there had Wilm's tumor contained within left kidney stage 1 and was just monitored after surgery and went threw no chemo? am I just fooling myself? I'm very tired and really need to rest on this. I was thinking maybe there is some survivors out there that had tumor removed and didn't require or just didn't undergo chemo. I wanna do what's best for my baby but am terrified of side effects that may come along later. someone pls help me:( I was hoping and thinking since she seems so healthy now and has recovered so well now that tumor is gone,that we could skip chemo. any comments, stories or advice is welcome. we need to make a decision soon. I really need support right now.........


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    My daughter has wilms tumor she is 7yrs old and is in week 5 of chemo this stuff is really making her sick and Im thinking about taking her off her left kidny was removed also