No Go on Avastin Today

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Hi All,
Update on me.... I went to get my first treatment for Avastin today and it was a NO GO. My blood pressure was toooo high. And since they have to watch the blood pressure closely while you are taking Avastin, I couldn't start today. So now I get to take blood pressure medicine and they will try next week. Please say an extra prayer for me that my blood pressure comes down.



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    I would be a perfect
    I would be a perfect candidate for Avastin. I have chronically low BP. It's a rare day that mine breaks 100.

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    Linda, I'm sorry to hear of
    Linda, I'm sorry to hear of blood pressure issues. When you are ready to get treatment underway it is such a disappointment to be turned away. It doesn't help that the stress of the moment can send BP higher than it would normally be - this happens to me all the time. Hope the meds help get it in better shape ... and maybe practicing a little meditation for mind calming could be helpful too.
    Sending calming thoughts your way.
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    oh poo. Good luck next go
    oh poo. Good luck next go around. I have always had very low blood pressure and yet just before surgery and a couple times at Dr. visits it has been "just slightly below high blood pressure". I would almost fall off my chair, or off the gurney. I didn't think I felt that much anxiety but my body sure said so! Better luck next time, Susan