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hello all, I usually post under breast cancer board as 2x mom passed away from ovarian...daughter having problems now and surprise doctors are not really taking her seriously because she is 30...she finally got them to do an ultrasound...i know what things look like and mean with bc, but does anyone know what an x in an area and code "un ot" might be?


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    See a Gynecologic-Oncologist ASAP!
    I do not know, but ultrasound is not a good diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer. Two OB/Gyn's told me, based on ultrasound, that I had a large uterine fibroid, which was in fact, a cancer that had totally devoured my right ovary. I urge you to find a gynecologic-oncologist who will see your daughter. First find a few gyn/onc's, then your daughter should call the offices and explain, asking for an appointment, and offering to send med records. She should write a cover letter to go with the records, including the information that her grandmother died of ovarian cancer, and that her mother has breast cancer. These specialists often see new patients only on referral, but with the right letter and medical documentation, she could be seen. That's how I was finally correctly diagnosed. Do not wait!
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    She definitely needs to see a gyn oncologist asap. I was diagnosed stage 3C at age 30. I am 32 now and after 3 surgeries and numerous chemo treatments I'm still fighting. If your daughter needs someone her age to talk to she can message me on here.