Answer to Froggy1 About "Demi Colors"

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Hi there,

I'm so sorry just getting back, but if you haven't found the answer by now.

Demi is the "new" word for "semi-permanent". It is absolutely safe in that there is no chemical reaction taking place within the cortex of the hair. And I mean absolutely safe.

It usually has a very low-volume activator/developer that accompanies the color.

Over time, these colors will lighten/fade/intensify naturally depending on if you're in a lot of sun, heat or with each shampoo.

These types of colors are an excellent choice in that they do not wash out (making a horrible mess over everything). Their color is also made more permanent based on the porosity of ones hair (say if you have a perm, or if you blow-dry the hair a lot)

They are the next best thing to permanent colors.

One color line I am absolutely pleased with is by "Clairol Professional" premium creme-demi permanente haircolor. It imparts a healthy shine to the hair because it has a deep conditioning formula in the color itself.

It comes in a wide array of colors (a 2 oz. tube), and it is mixed equal parts (i.e. 1oz color to 1 oz. developer).

Check out Sallys Beauty Supply for this line.

Oh yes, be sure to check out the base. This is usually reflected on the box as well. You want to stay away from ash bases so stick with the natural base colors and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Hope I wasn't too late getting back and let me know how it went if you do give it a try.

Sharon :-)


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    Thank you, I wanted the answer too!
    I've made a note of your entire post. I am ready to color my hair, and this sounds like just what I need.
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    Thanks so much for the reply, Sharon. I'm going to print it off and show it to my own hairdresser when I get my hair done. Right now, I'm a little hesitant to do anything.
    She did show me a Clairol tube the last time. It may have been the same product.
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    Sharon! This is helpful!

    PS I sure wish you lived in my neighborhood!