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I was dignosed in March 2010 with Hurthle cell Cancer of the thyroid with minimal invasion of 1 lymph node. My tumor was small 1.5 cm in size. I had 125 mci's of RAI at the end of April into the first part of May. I had a sonogram and my thyroglobulin levels checked. With the exception of one enlarged lymph node which is normal in appearance the sonogram was good. My thyroglobulin level was undetectable! So I am through the first hurdle and feeling good right now. We'll get another sonogram done in the future, keep checking the thyroglobulin, but I'm feeling good and positive! Just wanted to share the good news with the board! I'm working, I'm volunteering, and I'm living my life!! I don't get here often as I needed time to not think so much about thyroid cancer....the stories scared me so much, adn I just needed to get away from it for a while!


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    Congratulations on


    Congratulations on a good report! I have wondered about you; I am thankful you have good news.

    Wishing you well,
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    Congrats weberdns so happy
    Congrats weberdns so happy for you!
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    This is Good News!
    I am so glad to hear you have conquered your cancer! I hope and pray to see more and more posts like yours every day. Stay positive and healthy!
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    So happy for you. I've been
    So happy for you. I've been missing a long time myself. I had a liver resection last year in March for my third reocurrence. My subsequent blood tests were cancer free, below .2 for thyroglobulin for six months until November. It was slightly elevated, only .3 so now we're just watching and following up.

    You're doing the right thing, staying positive and living life. I haven't stopped either, am going forward because that's all I can do, for my mental health and my families.

    If you want to keep in touch email, it's and my name is Patti. I think we've talked in the past. I'm sooooo happy for you!!!
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    its nice as you


    its nice as you reach each hurdle.

    I am trying to stay here as much as I can to help the next wave of diagnosed people and keep up with the latest info about thyroid cancer.. My next hurdle is the 1 year scan and I cant wait to get that over with