Reoccurence of Rectal Cancer with Met to Liver

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Hi there... Last year I battled rectal cancer and thought I won. Only 10 short months later it has returned and spread to liver. There is only one spot and it is operable. Thank God. I am scheduled for surgery next month to get a permanent colostomy bag. The doctor wants to completely remove the source of the problem. I will also have the liver spot resectioned. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through the same thing and if they have any advise. I will start chemo for 6 months after I recover from the surgery. I was hoping and praying to find someone on this site who has been through the same thing years ago and is still cancer free.

Also, is my 5-year survival date from the day of my first diagnosis, from the first surgery to remove cancer, or does it start all over with this surgery?


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    Welcome Vicki
    I am really sorry you have had a recurrance. This is a good place to come for support, laughter, knindness + much more. Good decision to post here. It sounds like there is a good plan in place for you.

    This question regarding survivorship comes up here every now + then. There are several different opinions on this. Here is mine: If you have had or have cancer you are a cancer survivor from the minute you are are diagnosed. You are not saying you are a cancer-free survivor; you are saying you are a CANCER SURVIVOR. I know there is a 5 year cancer-free goal that a lot of people hope for; I think that is a little different. I have not had surgery for my tumours; just radiation + chemo (I am currently on chemo). I consider myself a cancer survivor + will as long as I am here; cancer-free or not.
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    So Sorry!
    Hi Vicki,
    We all hate to hear of this nasty disease coming back. I hope and pray for a sucsessful surgery and peedy recovery. I also have a perm colostomy so ask away if you have questions.
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    You should share more

    You should share more info.

    Did you have surgery to remove the cancer last year or just radiation? Did you have follow up chemo?

    I'm surprised to hear rectal cancer spread first to the liver. Generally it first spreads to the lungs.

    Your 5 year survival would be from when you are cancer free/ NED. That will be after this upcoming surgery.

    Wishing you the best of luck. Maybe one of the rectal cancer patients can answer your question once you give more info!
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    Hi Vicky. Sorry for your
    Hi Vicky. Sorry for your turn of events. I have a few questions if you don't mind. What did you do as far as treatment last year and what stage were you when first diagnosed? What type of follow-ups have you had in the last ten months? Lastly, did they say if there is anything new at the original site or just on the liver?
    Thanks, I hope the best for you.
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    Just wanted to tell you I'm praying for a complete recovery for you.