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Is it just me or has anyone else experienced a drop in level of care due to insurance issues? When I was first dx in May '09 I was on COBRA/United healthcare thru the office job I had lost (closed due to economy). As of March '10 when the COBRA coverage ended & I couldn't afford to convert ($1100 a mo. !!!!)- I had to go on Medicaid here in Florida. Although I LOVE my Dr here, I have noticed a signifigant drop in the level of care there. First- when I initially went on Medicaid- the beginning of my maintenance chemo's was postponed a month due to authorization. Then- when I had the 2 subsequent chemo's after that- my platelets were very low, and instead of the normal Neumaga shots I had recieved after all my other treatments... I was just sent home & told to 'be careful! As I'm supposed to be on the maintenance chemo for a yr after my 'all clear' PET/CT's, when my onc-nurse told me in Nov. that I would no longer be able to have my chemo there (it is a Dr office/clinic set-up) because Medicaid would not reimburse them, so I had to go to one of the local hospitals. Very upsetting, but I understand the economics. That was in the middle of Nov.'10. I saw my Dr... my scans came back NED, but still had one more maintenance series to go thru. I was supposed to be scheduled-via that office-as I'm still his patient there- at a hospital for the last week in Dec. Well...that came & went, 1st week of Jan came & went...finally this past Monday I called to see what was up. I talked to my onc nurse... she has been 'back logged'... my chart has 'been on her desk & yes..she would be calling Bethesda to order the treatment & they would be contacting me to schedule.' Yesterday... I got a computer call from Walgreens that I had 4 scripts in process but due to insurance issues it was being delayed. I had no idea what that was about, so I called them & spoke to a PERSON (!!) and it was evidently scripts for the actual Chemo!! I have not heard from any WTH!!! Am I supposed to find someone to give me the chemo or what?? This is all very disturbing and I NEVER had any issues in anything when I had my insurance. Everything was pre-scheduled... never any problems. I really resent being treated like a 2nd class patient and theres no other way to describe it. I mean... I know being in 'the system' has its own set of problems & the wheels turn slow... but its apparent that the Dr's office has just put me on the 'back burner' for lack of a better word! I have been trying to find a decent job that offers some kind of insurance, but just trying to find a JOB here in South Florida is an adventure! Yes... I am doing good... but I know what the odds are for reoccurence for Stage 3 OVC. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks for listening! Beth


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    So sorry you are having insurance issues. have you talked to your doctor about things? alot of times the doctor himself is unaware of things that go on with insurance and things because it's the office staff taking care of that and he isn't informed of it. He might be very upset to know that you are being treated that way. I would let him know about it and if he doesn't act concerned, then you will know what kind of doctor he is. I also live in south florida. My doctor is in hollywood. where in south florida are you? where did you have your surgery? I had my surgery at Memorial Miramar and Chemo at Memorial Regional. I also work at Memorial Regional.Although I haven't actually been able to "work" since February of last year due to the wonderful side effects of the chemo. Anyway, it would be nice to compare notes since we are both in South Florida. maybe if we aren't too far from each other, we can meet for lunch or something? It would be nice to sit and talk to someone who has been through the same thing and understands. I hope your insurance issues get better. Do you have to go to a cretain doctor or can you go to any doctor you want as long as they take medicaid? I know my hospital system is wonderful and everyone gets the same care even if they don't have any insurance. maybe you can change doctors and hospitals? just a thought. good luck and I am so happy you are NED!!!!!! ((((HUGS))))