Those darn Dutch are sooooo smart.....

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"If by breast exam, abnormalities are found but subsequently found to be false, women will suffer from fear, which affects their quality of life negatively for a year. In women which breast cancer has been diagnosed, their uncertainty last much less long. This came from a research project of the university and hospitals in The Netherlands."

DUHHHHHHHHH! Who would have EVER thought such a thing??? And it took formal RESEARCH to find it????? Why not just ask US?????

(Can I come back to America, where the healthcare is expensive and in some cases nonexistent, but the research is a bit more on track?????)

Dutch hugs, Kathi


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    Gotta love it
    when companies or governments spend tons of money to find out what just about anyone with a brain would tell them for free.

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    What wacky sounding

    What wacky sounding results. Years ago, I had an abnormality and I didn't have any fear after just complete relief. On the other hand, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, there was fear. I work hard at not worrying or being fearful but honestly there will always be at least a smidge of fear. Or are they talking only about the uncertainty of whether the women with abnormalities that don't result in cancer might feel for a year. Then it's a DUH, of course the uncertainty is gone once you are diagnosed because then it's certain. Yes, I would say they need to work on their research more.
    Double dutch hugs back to you,