Off update....'guardedly' good news...

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My mom is still in ICU, but she is off the ventilator, and her white cell count is going sister said she seems to respond more to stimulation...

Upon further investigation, the doctors think she had a small stroke, affecting her left side. Again,it's a bit of 'wait and see' as to how much permanent damage she is left with. She is still being fed with an NG tube, so, I suppose, after she moves to a normal nursing floor, they will try to start feeding her by mouth again.

So, thank you all, again, for your prayers! They are definately working!!!!

Dutch hugs, Kathi


  • Lovekitties
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    Dear Kathi
    I am glad to hear there is some improvement in your mom's condition.

    Praying that every day brings her greater strenght and that any effects from the stroke are minimal.


    Marie who loves kitties
  • AnneCan
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    I am so glad your Mom's health is improving. I hope she continues on back to her old self.
  • Sonia32
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    Glad there is some improvement, pray it continues. Really hope can see you with Kathy next month.

  • karguy
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    I'm glad your mom is doing better,I hope she can recover without permanant damage.I will keep praying.