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Hello! Anyone of you had any experiences with xelox chemotx. I'm on my 2nd session of chemo and so far aside from the diarrhea which is controlled by loperamide and intolerance to cold and no appetite 5-7 days after the oxaliplatin was given I feel ok. I'm still able to work partime 5 days after the iv oxaliplatin is given and very thankful about that. Will this get worse later as the chemo goes on. I'm diagnosed with rectal ca, stage 2 all nodes were negative except I have lymphovascular invasion hence I was given chemo by my oncologist. I had my OR last nov 11 and had also finished my neo-adjuvant chemoradiation last September 23 2010. My tumor was quite low so they did an APR which is more depressing to me than the cancer. I'm still young, 45 yrs old and have a very active lifestyle which I have to give up for the meantime, I also have 3 children and the youngest is only 5 yrs old and that's the reason why I have to fight this cancer. I'm praying always that God will see me thru this toughest battle in my life and hope to live for a long time. Thanks and Godbless you all!


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    Thanks for your advice and
    Thanks for your advice and encouraging words. I had my second dose of oxaliplatin last thurs and yes it got worse. I had difficulty in walking and my calves are so tender. It's good that I had a portacath placed because the 1st dose given to me was thru an iv and it was really painful and I cried the entire 4 hours of my infusion. Yes it's time that I have to deal with my colostomy in fact I think this is the one that I'm more depressed of instead of my cancer. I'm thinking at least the chances of recurrence are lower and my quality of life is better than if I have insisted on a coloaanal reanostomoses beacuse my doctor told me that I would stay in the CR all the time because I would keep on pooping. It's also good because I have a brother living in the USA and I can order my supplies there because the quality of bags here in the Philippines are not really nice. They don't have a filter and the bag keeps on ballooning all the time that you fart. It's also good that I saw this site and know that it's not only me who's having this problem and it inspires me because there are lots of survivors in this site. Thanks a lot and Godbless You!!