Had my evaluation with thyroid surgeon for the nodules today

hopeful girl 1
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Hi friends.
Had my evaluation with thyroid surgeon today-he was super nice.
Was pretty encouraging. Blood work looked good, and there were no calcifications or oddities on the ultrasound. He did his exam feeling my neck and nodules etc and there were no swollen lymph nodes (good) and the nodules were soft and moveable (good). For good measure they are ordering a fine needle biopsy to check on two of the three nodules (3rd is so small it is not considered to be clinically significant) and the doc expects the test to come back benign. My biopsy will be on January 21st.

He said if comes back benign no action needed, as they are very small, and he will see me back in 6 months to monitor. So that is what I am hoping for.

I asked about pain level of needle biopsy and he claims not bad. He said they numb it with a freezing agent and have staff on hand to sample and make sure they have taken enough tissue to provide proper results. And they will use the ultrasound to guide the biopsy.

So, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was glad if benign no talk of surgery.



  • jazzy1
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    Great news~
    Sounds wonderful and I know you walked out of doc office relieved. Now it's not over as still have the biopsy, but first indications are rather good so ride that one out and keep the positive vibes.

    Positive minds, produce great results~
  • Sara Zipora
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    Fine needle Aspiration-FNA
    Had FNA fifteen years ago, recall it as being no big deal, vis a vis pain. They used ultrasound and numbed area just as they plan with you. They found Malignant cancer cells, Papillary and Folicular, I was operated- Sloan Kettering- but even though they were malignant , they were small, under 1 cm, they did a thyroidectomy, outed thyroid. That surgery was much easier than four C sections and Hysterectomy etc. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Sara Zipora