UPMC'S great drs and my husband Vince

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Hi all,
Since I last wrote we have been having the storm of the century in Georgia. For the fist time this week the Cancer center opened and Vince got his 5th chemo

Monday Dr. Gibson from UPMC called me to talk about Vince and the chemo he is taking here. After a lengthy discussion he felt that possibly the chemo Vince is on now Xeloda, cisplatin and taxetere may not be working effectively as Vince is still building up ascites in the abdomen. Anyhow he e-mailed Dr. Jonh Manfredi, Vince's oncologist at Georgia Cancer Specialists in Blairsville. They discussed that Vince should have his regular chemo today, the 5th one, have the ascites drained this Friday and on Feb 2nd have a Pet Scan. After reading the scan they will discuss it and decide what to do. If the chemo is working he will stay on the same but if not Dr. Gibson has suggested a Phase 2 trial for Vince with new chemo. We will not know anything until then but just the fact that our oncologist is willing to work with another one is great news to us. I admire both of these men as certainly they are both in the business of helping.
We are in a very fragile spot now and I want Vince to have a better quality of life. He is so fatigued and worn out from the one he is on. If it works its great but if not he really needs to try another. Thanks Loretta & Bill for once agian suggesting UPMC.

The drs there are unbelievable. They have spoken to me on the phone like they have already met me and know us. Its an awesome feeling to know we still have medical professionals who really care.

Pray for us



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    Barb, Glad to hear the
    Barb, Glad to hear the center was open today. You're right, it's great when two doctor's can work well together. They both are looking for the same thing (or should be) and that's a cure, so what one doesn't know, another can benefit by listening to the other.
    I never hear of doctors calling you on the phone. All of you new people that still are looking for Quality care, check out The UPMC. Sounds like they can councel with you and your dotors even if you aren't near them. William can help you with information.
    Praying for you and Vince, Sandra
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    Prayers for you

    You are on my mind and in my heart.

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    Dr Luketich

    I have not forgotten your advice about Dr Luketick. Once I start my treatment at Dana Farber, I intend to explore other opinions and other options since I know my road is hard and lilely not simple.