high white blood cell count? no chemo for two weeks, stage 4 colorectal

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my father just completed his first phase of chemo. pet scan results not so positive, less intensity but still tumor growth and new spread to adrenal gland.

recently started being treated for blood clots to the legs, we are giving him lovenox injections and coumadin

he was supposed to start a new phase of chemo with a different cocktail of drugs last week but a fever and i suppose high blood cell count prevented it from happening.

no fever this week but seems the count is still high and as such there was no chemo this week.

overall he's taking a real beating.

what can we do? not sure we are asking the right questions or seeking more solutions.


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    I'm sorry, and I really don't have any good answers to give you, except to keep doing the great job I'm sure you're doing showing love and comfort to your dad. Try not to panic. I know it all seems hopeless now, but perhaps your dad's situation will calm down enough to allow the chemo. And then, hopefully, the chemo will start working against the cancer.

    Praying for your dad.