Parotid Tumor - What the heck are "Basal Cells"?

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Just got the call from my surgeon's nurse that my biopsy was positive for malignancy two hours ago. Just found this site about 15 minutes ago. I have a 1.5 cm tumor on my Parotid gland. I have a Parotidectomy and Neck Dissection set for three weeks. (I can hardly wait. Yay!) All I know so far from what the nurse said on the phone is this: The biopsy showed Basal/Basaloid cells, NOT Squamous cells. She said that Basal cells are preferable to Squamous. Anyone know exactly how or why they're preferable? All the info I've been able to glean off the net so far pertains to skin cancers, not salivary gland tumors.


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    Hi XaznaX

    Welcome to CSN, sorry to see you have cancer but glad to found CSN.

    Basal Basaloid Cell Carcinoma can be Cancer of the Salivary Glad, Lung, or the Skin, because they resembles each other. Highly malignant and poorly differentiated squamous epithelial tumor of the esophagus, which resembles adenoid cystic carcinoma of the salivary glands

    I don’t know much more about this type of cancer but I am sure there are a lot of other who do.
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    Parotid Cancer
    Hello, XaznxaX. I also had Parotid cancer. I had surgery to remove the Parotid gland and half of my thyroid (thyroid was benign) and 9 lymph nodes. I then had 30 radiation treatments when I was healed from the surgery. I believe they called mine ductal cell cancinoma, so it is not exactly the same. However, parotid cancer is very rare and this is definitely one exclusive club that I would rather not be a member of. Last November, a PET/CT scan showed me clean of cancer after treatments. It was a pretty tough fight, but I did it and so can you. Best of luck to you in this battle. It is a good thing for you to have found this site so early in your treatments as there are a whole lot of very knowledgeable and caring people on this site that can help you through this tough ordeal.

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    rare salivary gland tumor
    hello Xaznzax. I also was diagnosed with a salivary gland tumor, but mine was mucoepidermoid carcinoma. I have found that there isn't a lot of information on salivary tumors, they are very rare. your best bet will be to do searches for Salivary Gland Tumor, and then read from there. The info you can find on Basal Cell for skin works very similarly to salivary glands. your whole body is composed of different cell types. basal, clear, and squamous cells, etc. the best part about having your tumor be basaloid is that if they get good margins the chances of it recurring are very very low (just like with skin cancer). squamous cell of the salivary gland often comes back and/or spreads. my tumor consisted of multiple types of cells, thus the mucoepidermoid carcinoma (multiple cells, mucous secreting, basal, clear, and squamous cells) the only cells that had turned malignant for me were clear cells, clear cells respond well to radiation. before my surgery we had believed that my tumor was low grade, so they went in and removed it. when the biopsy came back it was determined to be intermediate grade, so I chose to have radiation done to help increase my odds of not having it come back. not everyone with a salivary gland tumor needs radiation, but it is often recommended, especially if they were unable to get clear margins.
    This is a wonderful site for information when you are preparing for surgery, and later if you need additional treatments ( I hope you do not!). This is also a wonderful place to go to vent or to just chat with others who have had cancer/ are going through cancer treatments.
    you have entered the beginning of a tough is what I call the hurry up then wait. it is where you find out you have cancer, you get everything scheduled, and then you wait to have your surgery. cancer seems to be that want to hurry, but you end up spending most of your time waiting. waiting for surgery, waiting for results, waiting for the doctor, etc.
    wishing you the best of luck...if you have any questions, please just may take me awhile to answer or I may write back right away...depends on how my kids are behaving! (i have a 5 year, a 3 year and 11 month old).
    I don't know if you pray or not, but I will keep you in my thoughts. I wish you a great surgeon, a fast recovery, and hugs even when you don't want them.
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    Basal cell Carcinoma vs. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    I'm certainly no expert, but I believe that I met with some of the best, According to my genetic counselor,my prognosis with Squamous Cell carcinoma, (base of tongue, HPv+, no history of risk factors,)is very very good, but not as good as if it would have been Basal Cell....good luck with the treatment, according to my docs you have a very positive outcome !!!