CoQ10 - during chemo

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i was wondering if i can take CoQ10 and other vitamins - like D,E,A and flaxseed, reservatrol during chemo?


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    Hi, Victoria:
    Our body produces COQ10 naturally, but diminshes as we age. However, it's value can't be underestimated as a part of a healthy immune system. I'm not sure on that one, so I would resarch it a bit as to whether or not you can take it at the same time as chem. As for the others, I personally don't think there is a problem. When I was going through chemo (twice), the reason they advised against any 'anti-oxidants' such as E is because the chemo has oxidant properties, and some believe you will be defeating the purpose of chemo. I'm not so sure, but again, maybe your research will give you some answers. I continued all of my vitamins to support my body during such a difficult time. Especially since many can't eat well enough while going through chemo. I surely wouldn't worry about flaxseed and resveratrol.

    Some people are against supplements. Yet they will eat the foods that contain them, which seems like a paradox. I think it's all about the amount you take and what you know to be important to you. Of course, you can speak to your doctor, which is always advisable. Unfortunately, most don't have a clue about these things. My doctor didn't have a problem with what I was taking (which included AHCC mushroom), but he always said I was throwing my money away. I don't see it that way at all. Guess we all have to decide for ourselves.

    Wishing you the best during treatmet. Let us know how you're doing! Till the. . .
    (((HUGS))) and Prayers,
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    green tea
    I asked my doc about diet when I was doing chemo. She wasn't very helpful on the subject, but she did say that copious amounts of green tea during chemo is not a good idea. That it can interfere with the chemo treatment.
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    unknown said:

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    thank you ladies!
    Thank you Ladies for your input!
    the whole cancer situation just turned my world upside down...
    i just want to fight it as hard as possible
    and i think supplements should help...

    i have been reffered to chinese doctor, he has phd in traditional medicine as well as alternative and he is not against chemo but rather to work together...
    to improve immune system, quality of life and hopefully prolong remission and life ..

    i need to send him my medical record and he will prescribe some herbs , which i will need to review with my onco.

    but regular vitamins - should be ok..

    did you hear any positive effect of neem?
    anything else?
    i might sound naive, being new to this horrible desease
    thanks again

    blessings to all of you