suprapubic catheter for PC incontinemce

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This is my first post but have read disscusion board for quite awhile. I am 5 yr. post radiation (IMRT) and Cryo surgery and intermittent hormone deprivation with rising PSA after radiation and cryo surgery treatments. Initial 12 of 14 biopsies positive and Gleason 8. Incontinence and voiding issues becoming more severe and resolved now with suprapubic catheter directly into bladder. Wondering if any members have any information on long term catheter of this type. Uro- and Oncologist docs claim that my PC cannot be cured but managed.


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    I'm not sure of any one on
    I'm not sure of any one on this site but you can go over to and look for the prostate cancer forum they have.
    There is a gentleman on that forum goes by the name of purgatory that has been through just about every catheter imaginabile. He might be able to provide you some infromation.

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