What do we expect from Colorectal cancer spread to liver?

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My father who is 62 was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer which has spread to his liver. He is to start Chemo on friday afternoon. He had a bonescan last thursday and will find out the result of it tomorrow. As a family we are devastated but pulling together to fight with everything we have. My question is what should we expect? What are his chances of survival with this degree of cancer? I am a newbie and grasping for any answers. I appreciate and advice or support!


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    Glad you found us
    Dear gvrider,

    There are many here on the board who are Stage 4 and have or had mets to liver. I am sure they will be offering their support and advise soon. The more specifics you can give the more detailed the folks can be in how it relates to their experiences.

    The main thing right now is to know...THERE IS HOPE. There are many treatments out there.

    Collecting information from the doctors so that your dad can make an informed decision about treatment options is important. Hope someone can go with him to the appointments and take notes. It is hard for the patient to remember all that is said or to ask all the questions which come to mind.

    Keep coming back here. We will help you with information and support during this difficult time.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    Hi there!
    I have liver mets + have been on chemo since June /09. The chemo is keeping the liver mets under control so far.
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    I had mets to my liver
    I am a stage 4, 67 year old guy. They were going to remove the spot with a liver resection. Opened me up and said “Oh crap” and just closed me back up. Then they did liver chemo embolization and that did the job. That was 12/08. Liver has been clear from then.

    Never give up hope. I have had a few bumps in the road, but I be winning my 2.8 year war with cancer.

    Kerry (old coot with an attitude)
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    Stage IV
    I was dx Stage IV February 2010, 51 years old, if you look up on the web, you'll find just about all OLD percentages for survival. Don't bother to read those, outdated to be sure.
    I started with chemo in March 2010, just had surgery to remove the tumors from my liver, colon and right side ureter in December 2010.
    Starting chemo in a couple more weeks, just so they can make sure they got all the cancer cells.
    My next door neighbor was also stage IV, and he no longer shows any cancer in his body and has been off chemo for over 2 years now (he's 82 years old).
    So expect a bumpy road, (chemo's no fun, surgery's no fun)but a long life for your father.
    Winter Marie
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    What you can expect....is a
    What you can expect....is a lot of positive energy, feedback and support here!

    My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer with mets to the liver and kidney the week after Thanksgiving, 2010, so not very long ago. She had her port put in last week and first chemo treatment. She will have a total of 12 treatments, no surgery as we are told it is inoperable. She had a 3 1/2 hour treatment, then went home with a pump for 48 hours. That seems to be pretty common from what i have read here. She felt tired, a little achy, not much nausea, but nothing she couldn't handle. That was a few days, but now is feeling better each day.

    Please feel uplifted by these people, I know that I have felt a little calmer after reading here. I know that my family...my dad, my sisters, all of us were just absolutely devastated and Christmas was the hardest thing I have ever done. Just trying to get through it and make it "normal". However, with one treatment down, we are focusing on the positive. I just bought her a juicer and couple of bags of organic veggies and fruit. Trying to do all I can...however, she is stronger than I am!

    Good luck and as one person told me...."remember to breathe". That helps!
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    liver mets
    Hi there,

    My name is Anna and I am also a stage IV colon cancer patient with mets to liver. I've been LIVING with this disease for 2 years now. The mets are there, 5 small ones, but the chemo and other meds seems to keep things in control.

    There is hope and never give up. You will read many of these blogs and continue to be hopeful. I was distraught but knowing other people have been able to overcome this disease or even live with it has made all the difference for me.

    Keep us posted.