Some Tips before meetings and Appointments

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Three things have worked for meet to get the most out of all meetings and appointments.

Plan, record and review.....I go over each meeting several times in my head before the meeting. I begin taking notes of things I want to know right after the meeting is scheduled. My sister attends all the appointments and meetings and takes detailed notes. I review my notes and question with her before the meeting and she prepares a report after each meeting that goes to those member of my family that are supporting me. Right after the meeting we discuss the meeting. I have three siblings, two children and my girlfriend Natthana that works with me on all of these. We talk by phone after every meeting and they often have ideas and questions that did not occur to me. I could not do this alone, it is exausting.

No meeting has ever ended before I was able to ask all my questions. A few times the doctor needed to go and come back, but they willingly did so, and I was very grateful. While I can get demanding and insistant, I am always very nice and very grateful for even the smallest help. I learn everyone's name, try and get to know then and the photos on their desk and always appreciate what they do. Most come to like me.

I do all the resaerach I can before all meetings and appointments. I have several books I review and scour the web sites. I read all medical reports and translate all the medical words I don't know the meaning of. These reports are the source of many questions for follow up meeting. I will spend dozens of hours reading before each meeting. On the day of the meeting or appointment the time before the meeting is always devoted to that upcoming meeting.

If I have open questions and nothing scheduled, I schedule one and ask for it promptly. A few times, I just showed up, properly believing that no professional will leave someone in the waiting room at the end of the day.

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