The DAMN nerve!!

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So my 4 year old son and I were heading in to hang out with my mom during her chemo today, and right out front of the clinic there are 2 benches. Between said benches is a sign that reads "Kelowna Cancer Clinic - Thank you for not smoking". There are 4 people on the benches... can you guess where this is going?
G** damned people are smoking 4 feet away from the doors!! At our clinic (attached to our only hospital in the city) there is NO SMOKING. Anywhere. Not anywhere on the hospital lot, actually. So I speak up. "You know, there's a no smoking sign RIGHT at your feet." One woman turns to me and says, "I'm dying, you think I care?" (Screaming match ensued, with the security guard coming over and dealing with them)
Is this most peoples mentality? What happened to "fighting cancer" and living and healing? Keep in mind, I USED to smoke. I get that it's an addiction. But really? Number one I don't want my son inhaling that garbage, nor do I think anybody going into that building wants to inhale it either.
Sorry for my vent... just makes me really sad.

On a side note, my momma shaved her head yesterday. Saw it today and she looks phenomenal!! She has had long hair my whole life, and it was definitely a change, but a great one!!


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    It's truly sad to see people
    It's truly sad to see people with no hope and at that stage of their
    life and mentality there's nothing we can do for them really, except to pray for them and hope they figure it all out.

    Just don't allow their attitude to sap your spirit; your son and mother need you right now so stay focused on being supportive to your mom.

    Take care
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    I am a reformed smoker, as
    I am a reformed smoker, as well. My mom, who never smoked or drank, didn't swear, etc used to say there is no saint like a reformed sinner. After I quit, I used to say that if I found out I had cancer, the first thing I would do would be go out and buy a carton of cigarettes. Of course, I didn't do that.

    Having said all that, I understand your "rant" but I think it's probably better not to engage smokers who obviously know they are breaking the rules. People who have a terminal illness sometimes really don't care - not about "official" signs or anyone else's health or common courtesy.

    Sometimes it really is too late and quitting now would not make a difference. My late brother-in-law smoked to the very end, even though he had lung cancer. My sister-in-law quit as soon as she was diagnosed but it did not lengthen her life.

    My (late) husband died from liver cancer,unrelated to his smoking, and he did not quit. He smoked up until his last hospital stay - about 5 days before he died. I did not have the heart to fuss at him for it, nor did his doctors.

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    Oh I don't think they should
    Oh I don't think they should quit... do what makes you happy!! But don't subject others to the nastiness!!