Tom's chemo starts next Wednesday

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All he did was a put a call into Dr. Campbell and he called back early this morning...and Tom told him, he's coming back to the U of C and his doctors for his chemo. Dr. C was delighted...told him " I like you...and thanks for trusting us so much". He went and ran errands while I cleaned...I hate cleaning...and I was waiting for Jennifer's call about when it would start.

When he came back...she called...and told him next there at we will drive up there...trains can be iffy after Rush Hour in Chicago and who knows about the buses...he'll get his chemo, we'll drive home and stop for dinner...I told him no train this time...

Then she called about if he had nausea meds...he didn' she ordered everything he might need...called Walgreens...the other Dr. said...we'll wait and what if you need them on the, it's better to have them ahead of time.

This is something neither of us wants to one does...but there is no choice.

Hopefully non of the U of C doctors will ask me why we decided to come back there..Tom would not speak up...however I would...he would give some lame excuse...not me...I'd tell exactly what went down...

So there is a calmness in the house...since we know where he's going and who's in charge...etc.

Tom will always take a wait and see need to know this now..I'm just the opposite...I want to now what's going to happen, when etc...and I'm a worrier if I don't know...the unknown is scary and I think it's much scarier than the known.

That said..none of know what's going to happen with this or any cancer...but I do feel that learning about it helps.

I would not know what I know without this board and the wonderful people who are here..through tears and laughter...everyone rallies around..and it helps so much.



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    hey Jan and Tom
    Good news!

    hey Jan and Tom
    Good news! Praise the Lord for U of C and their wonderful drs. and staff. We are all here for you. Praying for great results on Wednesday. Have a good weekend and keep us up to date. Hugs to you both.
    Tina in Va
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    So glad everything is
    So glad everything is working out and so quickly. You said you hoped they didn't ask why you're back. It's very possible they've heard similar stories from others. You probably are not an isolated case, and word travels fast.

    Let us know how things are going.

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    Just noticed your post about
    Just noticed your post about the re-diagnosis. I am soooo sorry. Have you had the tumor sent out to the Caris labs in Phoenix? It looks at the dna and rna of the tumor and sees what chemos work best with it.

    You will be in our prayers. Have been thinking of your lovely artwork much lately, and really hope you'll call if you get back into Vegas. Hugs.