"Button" style Peg vs regular peg tube

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Hubby, Buzz, is scheduled to have his peg changed on the 17th. His last radiation is January 10. He is 100% tube fed and it will take time (based on all of the posts) to return to normal eating. Would the button-style peg be better than the traditional one? Would like feedback from those of you who have or have had the button style peg. Thanks!


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    My two cents
    . I had a peg for 18 months. I had three different styles. Two had the hose/tube and the last was the mic-key button. Loved the button over the other two!!!!

    The only thing to keep in mind is the tube is more narrow with the mic-key button than the ones with the hose. I was puttng through baby food in my first tube and I'm not sure I would do that with the button. By the time I got my button I was only putting through the nutren in my pump over night and drinking shakes during the day.

    I thought the button was way more comfortable and easy to take care of. Not sure if you have seen one but there is a picture of my button and my first tube in my expressions pages some where. Any questions just ask.