RCC with brain mets

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Is there anyone that can give me some information please. My mom was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in 2007. She has been so strong and such a fighter over these past 3 1/2 years. In June of this year she was diagnosed with metastisis to the brain. They tried Sutent with her. This month we were back in the hospital with her because the Sutent stopped working. The last thing I want to do is scare anyone with this information. Every person is different, each diagnosis is different and every battle is subjective. They just started her on Torisel. Her most recent MRI on 12/29/10 showed "mulitple, too many to count" (yes that is how is was written by the radiologist) tumors with severe swelling.

We dont know what to do for her. She is so tired and so drained. The doctors are not telling us anything concrete. I understand that they aren't fortune tellers, however SOME, ANY information would be appreciated. We keep getting these gray, shady answers of "it can help" or "what do you have to lose".

Does anyone have any information on Torisel or Votrient? Votrient is the med they mentioned if and when the Torisel does not work.

Thank you so much and God Bless!