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I have bladder cancer since nov 2010 and have had 3 tumors removed and completed 6 treatments of BCG but my diet has gone. I have been using liquid supplements and toast ever since. I am in the process of giving up smoking by weening off because of being a long term user(47 yrs). Since my last treatment dec 30 2010 i am experiencing more pain than usual from my bladder, down my right leg into the foot. I know that i am supposed to be eating well but am unable to. I need you help and suggestions to try and correct this problem of diet.



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    diet ....???
    Sorry you are going through what you are. I was also diagnosed with bladder cancer in April of 2010. Had a Transuretheal resection done in April and thought it was going to kill me. Pain got so bad I went to a couple of other doctors to get second and third opinions. Then decided not to fool around and had my bladder removed on June 30th. My pain, which as your is, went down my right leg to my foot stopped immediately following surgery, as did all other pain I had as well. I am pleased with them taking my bladder out and now I have a urostomy. I know it's not natural, but better than living in the pain I had been experiencing 24/7.

    I would simply suggest that you try to get a second opinion to see what someone else thinks of your situation. I myself ultimately ended up at a teaching university hospital and am happy I did. They are really on top of things. Wish you well and let us know how you're doing.
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    Hope my diet story helps
    Hi Derm, all I can do is wish you the best and share my diet experience with you. You certainly need to find a way of feeding your body with the nutrition it requires. Do you want to share the main reasons why you are unable to eat well, as there are so many possible side effects from BCG treatment, and simple tips available to help you eat and drink in accordance with each side effect?

    In February 2010 my urologist informed me that I had an aggressive form of bladder cancer. This news turned my life around. After an initial TUR operation, I decided that my best option was to adopt a completely different daily diet and exercise in accordance with the diet guidelines of a Dutch doctor Cornelis Moerman (1893-1988). The AVL cancer clinic in Amsterdam has respected my choice and demonstrated their willingness to perform a cystoscopy with accompanying tests every 3 months. In my first year living with cancer I have witnessed a complete reversal of my cancer. I am currently (March 4, 2011) cancer free (I prefer to think that my cancer is dormant). It was only last week that I stumbled on the work of Dr. Colin Campbell for the first time and recognised the similarities between the do's and don'ts of the predominantly whole food, plant-based diet and the diet guidelines that Dr. Cornelis Moerman drew up almost 100 years ago. I have one wish (actually I have many) to share here: "Wouldn't it be nice if the medical protocols for cancer treatment were expanded to include nutrition and exercise guidelines for the periods prior to, during and after treatment?"

    For more information about the diet guidelines I am following you can visit my personal blog (click here). I wish you all the best, Iñaki.