Omaha Vitamin D Symposium, etc.

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Robert P. Heaney, MD is one of the nation's leading researchers on Vitamin D and health. In this video, he answers Q&A on the rapidly updating field of Vitamin D research which he says is changing weekly. Cancer is addressed 6 mins in. The whole segment is worth viewing. Pts 3(9:35in)-6 feature Dr. Heaney.

Omaha Vitamin D Symposium, Pt. 6 VIDEO

Role of Vitamin D in prevention of cancer: dose-response relationships, Cancer Prevention Research, 11/08
...While it is not yet possible to state eradication levels for cancers of the kidney and endometrium, the available ecological data suggest that a reduction by 67% in kidney and endometrial cancer might be possible with serum 25(OH)D > 75 ng/ml....
...according to a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) 1996 monograph...serious adverse health effects are unlikely below 10,000 IU per day [this is the amt we get from the sun everyday], based on existing meta-analyses of vitamin D toxicity studies....
...Patients with breast, colon, ovarian, kidney, endometrial, and lung cancer should receive the amount of vitamin D supplementation needed to raise serum 25(OH)D to 60-90 ng/ml. This may require 4000-7000 IU/day of vitamin D3, depending on the individual, and should be done with regular monitoring of serum 25(OH)D, ionized and total calcium levels on a regular basis....
Garland, et al. UCSD/Grassroots Health, “Abstract ED07-03: Role of Vitamin D in prevention of cancer: dose-response relationships.” Cancer Prevention Research: November 2008; Volume 1, Issue 7, Supplement 1.

Global View Shows Link Between Endometrial Cancer & Vitamin D Status Preventive Medicine., 11/16/07


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    What an informative day!
    Thanks much for the Vit D Symposium link. You,, along with others, have posted some very interesting and hopeful articles today. How lucky we are to have you all posting.

    I am currently on a weekly 50,000 IU Vit D prescriptin supplement because of a low count...take it for 3 weeks and then tested.

    Peace and hope, JJ