Help me treat sebaceous carcinoma

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Does anyone have any information regarding sebaceous carcinoma. Doctors don't seem to understand how to treat and I need someone else who has is or a love one who has it to tell me what treatment if any they have had or what to expect.

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  • D Lewis
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    Internet search
    A google search of the terms "sebaceous carcinoma" (in quotes as shown) brought up several hits, many of which included treatment information.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Welcome to CSN

    All I know about SC is that it is a rare type of skin cancer, All the best to you on finding what you need.

    Sorry I could not help
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    sebaceous carcinoma
    I wish I could give you some hope, but I can't. I lost my wife last year to extra ocular sebaceous carcinoma. The first word out of the Dr.s mouth was there is no know cure and we aren't sure how to treat this cancer. They gave her 6 months, she lasted 5 before losing her battle.
    Since that time I have heard of a couple different studies, one at UT Austin, the other in California someplace, that teach the body how to fight cancer.

    I'm sorry and my prayers are with you and your family. God Bless
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    me too ...

    I see this is several years old and I wonder how you are geting on. I have been diagosed with sebaceous gland carcinoma, too, and am awaiting dates for excision and reconstructive surgery.