Endometrial Cancer-- Scan Before Radiation?

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I have endometrioid adenocarcinoma, Grade 1 Stage III. I had a hysterectomy with BSO and the gynocological oncologist recommended external radiation because the cancer had metastasized to the left ovary, which was stuck to my bowel. It is my understanding that adenocarcinoma means that the cancer can "jump," rather than just spread as one continouous tumor.

Do I need a PET/CT scan before doing the radiation treatment to make sure the cancer hasn't metasasized further, making me a Stage 4 and therefore needing chemo and then radiation? Should this be done so they aim the radiation really precisely, or should I be geting more regional radiation? If I can't get PET/CT, should I ask my PCP for colo-rectal cancer screeining? I am over 50 and have not ever had a colonoscopy and the last sigmoidoscopy was about 30 years ago. I have hemerroids that itch and occasionally bleed, I have had black dots in my b.m., and I have had b.m. that were parially black. If I have colo-rectal screening before starting radiation, could it interfere? Could it change my treatment plan? Would endometrial cancer that has metastasized to the colon/rectum/anus show up on colo-rectal screening? Or only certain tests?

Thank you, in advance.


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    I don't really know the answer to your questions. I think you need more information from radiation oncologist and medical oncologist and GYN oncologist. My guess is that you need chemo; although endmetriod less agressive. Write your questions down (They are excellent questions and make an appt to make these decisions. It never hurts to get a second opinion. There is also intraperitoneal chemotherapy. You need an appt and be assertive. I made extra appts just because I didn't understand things. They should be willing to make an appt with you and discuss your problems and questions. Take someone with you to verify what you hear.

    Let us know how it goes. They've done studies on patients who assert themselves and they do indeed get better care.

    Good Luck.
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    I agree with Diane that you
    I agree with Diane that you need more info before proceeding as you have concerns that should be addressed before beginning radiation. I would want to have a better confirmation of the extent of possible metastases prior to the targeted treatment that radiation is. However there can always be stray cells that do not show up on scans. It is quite a learning curve to get up to speed on all the implications of treatment options. So do ask questions and take notes.
    Best wishes,
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    Colon Rectal Questions
    It seems to me that you gyn/onc should tell you to consult with a colo-rectal surgeon. You have questions specifically regarding your colon, rectal and anal areas which the colo-rectal surgeon can address. I saw a colo-rectal surgeon after my chemo and radiation to get my diagnostic colonoscopy since uterine cancer can move into the colon or rectal area.
    The colo-rectal surgeon is usually in a group with gastroenterology or GI physicians. Don't wait...get the answers to your questions now!