Happy New Year

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Hello, Happy 2011 to all my Ec family. In Jan. 2008, I had just had my first chemo treatment. Even though things were looking pretty bleak, I came to realize just how important each day is.. Even on the days I was extremely sick and weak , I would remind myself the treatment was neccesary and the bad would pass. I prayed over each chemo and thanked God for his juices that would make me well.

As I look back to sept. 2008 when I heard the words cancer free., I realize how blessed I am. In the beginning the survivor stats were pretty low, but I've learned I am Not a stat, and neither are you. We are all survivors, no matter what our diagnosis. I've read so many encouraging outcomes on here and I pray that the coming year will be a year of more miracles in this fight against cancer.

Happy New Year,


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    Thank you
    Thank you William and Loretta for sharing this. I really needed this tonight. We are getting down to the wire for Jim's surgery on Wednesday and the drama and emotions of children are a big challenge right now. I think babies are much easier than grown children! Thank you for reminding me "When God is all you have, you will find He is all you need!"

    God Bless,