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Had four infusions of Rituxen in Sept-Oct of this year for Stage IV NMZ NHL. No Remission yet. Have had repeated upper resp. infections, on antibiotics twice for them. NOW... I have C-diff, a nasty intestinal infection caused by compromized immune system and too many antibiotics! And even though I am on Flagyl (yet another antibiotic)to treat it I can also feel another upper resp. infection starting!! UGH. My Gastro and Onc docs are aware.

So the question is... anyone else experience this following Rituxen or any other treatment? I am pretty disgusted at this point. I KNOW this could be so much worse, but I haven't felt good for a year and it does take a toll.

Thanks for the support and love from all of you!

And... Happy New Year. I pray we all hear the "R" word this year!!



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    Hello Donna,

    Even though I realize when my small bowel perforated it was from the NHL, I have such a fear of it happening again. I started drinking 100% cranberry juice every day. I know cranberry juice is good for the intestinal track. I know yogurt is very helpful when you are taking antibiotics. Even though I no longer take antibiotics, I still have a yogurt each day. I remember from long ago, doctors eat yogurt everyday.

    I had rituxan in dec 09 and had no reaction. I had another pet scan dec 29, and seeing the oncologist jan 3.

    marginal, stage 1, low grade, indolent b cell lymphoma. Sub type ectranodal marginal zone b cell.

    Happy holidays, and yes I wish you and everyone else to hear the R word. Maggie