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Hello, My heart is heavy. My pastor was diagnosed with hodgekins lymphona right after I was diagnosed with EC. Like me he has been cancer free. A month ago he started having some memory loss. It was time for a pet scan, so it was decided to do a complete scan. A small malignent tumor was found on the front part of the brain. More testing has been done. It will be treated with radiation and chemo starting the first of Jan. His wife told me they beleive it is in lymph node tissue and not brain tissue and is treatable. I know it is in Gods hands.
Please lift him up in your prayers.Also let's pray that the new year will be the time that the cure will be found for all of the cancers!


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    Prayers coming your way!!

    I am sorry to hear your friend and pastor has had a recurrence of cancer. It sounds promising that it is located in an area that is potentially operable.

    I will be praying that treatment plan will be successful.

    Best Regards,

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    Your Pastor
    Dearest Sandra,
    I will pray so hard for your pastor. Why are we all going thru these times now. I am so tired of hearing about people with cancer. We need a cure and we need it now.
    Please know that I am thinking about all of you at this time.

    In Prayer