New! Stage 4 metastisized to prostate & nearby lymphs? ( dad) help?!

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Hello to all! This is a wonderful website, im so happy i found it. My 57 yr old father was feeling symptoms for 2 years, he went through 2 reg dr's and 3 urologist before it was found this December. He had a biopsy in July 2010 that showed negative for ca. I made him keep pushing for answers. He is now in the hands of Dr quinn @ USC and they want to do chemo twice a month for two months then surgery to remove the bladder and prostate and then make him a neobladder and then radiation after. I feel that his positive attitude is key. I also read the book" beating cancer with nutrition" and it has become my bible. I hate the title because its really meant to be used along with chemo but the title co
Es off like its just nutrition alone. He has also been given an arsenal of vit , minerals and nutrients by an m.d who specializes in streghthening the immune sytem. I made my dad go on a raw veggie diet that is high in protiens and low in fat and cut out all sugar( cancer loves sugar). I hope this helps some of you. Does anyone have feedback on USC or a story similar to my dads? Im 26 and between my mom and brother we ha e been to all appointments with him. He just started chemo yesterday. Thanks in advance


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    How's your dad?
    How is your dad doing with the first round of chemo?? I remember when my husband went through the first round ... the side effects can be very frightening / disheartening. It helps to know that eventually (a few days), a good portion of the side effects will pass. It's so good to see that your dad is surrounded by loving and informed family members for support, and you are right that a positive attitude provides a good arsenal against cancer.

    Another option that you wanna look into is having another clinic/doctor (i.e., Mayo, Cancer Treatment of America, etc.) do a case review to see if they would do anything differently ... an inquiry e-mail to the institution would be a first step.

    (Isn't it awful to go to an oncology center for the first time and see how many people are affected by cancer?!?!)

    Hope all is progressing well for your dad and your family.
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    Good luck
    Sorry your Dad is going through this. I am 57 as well and was diagnosed with seperate prostate and bladder cancers last December. Had surgery for both and no chemo. So far doing great.

    The good news is there is alot that can be done so stay up.

    Be well and good luck.