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So, I am curious.

Since your head and neck doctor want to remove your thyroid, but your fine needle biopsy was negative, why does the doctor still want to remove it. What timeframe was agreed upon to have reviewed? You also mentioned you are taking the wait and see outlook. If you are taking the wait and see, then why does doctor still want to remove? Is the thyroid itself enlarged? Did they run the blood test panel for thyroid to check those levels?
Did they determine if your thyroid is over or under active?

I hear from my oncologist's nurse today, and since my oncologist reviewed the results, he is referring me to a thyroid surgeon. He has special interest in endocrinology and thyroids according to his bio on the hospitals webpage.

So right now it was requested that the referral doctor's office call me to set up an appointment with me.

I am going to ask my oncologist's nurse to see if she can put in a bloodtest order for me with the thyroid panel so that the new doctor will have that information as well.

Was your head and neck doctor a surgeon? If so, it seems that you were referred to a similiar kind of surgeon and yet you have not yet had surgery so I will take comfort in that.

After completing chemo in November I just can't believe I have to go thru' more stuff here-tests and or I hope not any surgery or treatment. I am realy apprehensive and nervous.

It's enough to worry about the potential for the original uterine cancer to return let alone to know have a thyroid issue.

Now on the ultrasound two of my nodules were predominantly solid (so I guess partly not solid) so maybe that is a bad sign. I read something about complicated nodules that are not entirely solid that they can sometimes be cancerous.

I am told that 90% of nodules are benign and that 50% of people have them, so this all seems scarey to be sent to a surgeon like this. I hope I get to take the wait and see path as well.

Please email me some further feedback.