Big Surprise !

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I think even my dr was surprised ! My CT/Pet scan did not find any cancer ! I just finished six rounds of carbo/taxol. Originally she thought she would have to go back in after chemo as she could not take out all the cancer without removing the entire colon.
Now she is going to give me six rounds of Avastin.
They did see something in my kidney but she is confident that it is unrelated to ovca. I will be seeing a urologist for that. Just wanted to share my good news especially for you who are going thru the carbo/taxol treatment it's tough but it works hang in there !



  • Mwee
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    How wonderful, Colleen!
    That is just absolutely wonderful news.... way to go!
    (((HUGS))) Maria
  • carol2dogs
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    Wonderful news. I hope the kidney thing is nothing serious.
    Love and teal hugs, Carol
  • nancy591
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    great news
    Congrats!! let me know how you tolerate the Avastin. I will be starting it too.
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    Cogratulations! I agree
    Cogratulations! I agree about the carbo/taxol treatment... I just celebrated my one year anniversary of being NED and my oncologist is finally comfortable with removing my port!
    Praying for all of you!
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    CONGRATS!!!! What a Christmas Gift!!!!!!!!!! Prayer works!!!!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! :)
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    Lets hope everyone's news this year is just as awesome!!!!! Keep it up!!!!
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    Good, good good. Avastin
    Good, good good. Avastin maintenance is the "new black" of OVCA chemo. Hope it works for you and keeps NED hanging around for many years to come.

  • poopergirl14052
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    stay that way
    I am so happy for you being ned stay this way forever!!!! Keep us posted in the new year
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    stay that way
    I am so happy for you being ned stay this way forever!!!! Keep us posted in the new year

    so glad for you
    so happy foryou
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    azgrandma said:

    so glad for you
    so happy foryou

    Your news
    Oh Colleen---this is like a dream come true. I am so happy for you. My mom is also having a good response to the carbo/taxol. Her CA-125 is down to 42 from 1100!!!! I also wanted to let you know that I thought your wig was awesome. I never would have even known you were wearing one! Cool highlights.

    It was great running in to you in Buffalo.

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    Whooo Hooo!!
    Doing the Happy Dance with you, Colleen! May NED stick around for a long time!!!